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Patient Satisfaction Survey (updated 01/09/2015)

Practice Satisfaction Survey

At the Ararat Medical Centre we carried out a patient survey (the Practice Accreditation and Improvement Survey) and asked for your honest opinions on the service we provide. We used a business called CFEP to undertake this patient survey.

Patient-centred Surveys - Helping People Make a Difference

CFEP has earned an international reputation for providing a high quality service in assisting health professionals (such as GPs, consultants, and nurses and their organisations) with gathering patient-based evidence on the quality of their service and relationships with patients.

CFEP provides a service that is independent and external, delivering meaningful and confidential results promptly to our clients.

Our specialised surveys give patients and colleagues the chance to provide honest feedback on interpersonal skills and other service aspects. We encourage and aid positive interpretation of this feedback to provide the best possible health outcomes for patients.

Practice Accreditation

Since 1998, CFEP has provided GP practices with patient-centred feedback to meet the requirements of practice accreditation. CFEP offers practice support with how to utilise these results of patient-feedback into quality improvement initiatives.

In May 2011, CFEP’s patient questionnaires were approved by the RACGP for use in the 4th Edition Standards.

In October, 2012 the Ararat Medical Centre engaged CFEP to assist in conducting our Patient-centred Survey.

In July, 2015 we again engaged CFEP to assist in conducting our 2nd Patient-centred Survey.

The results are available here

We listened to your concerns and have taken the following actions in order to make improvements to patient care where you feel it would be most useful:





Doctor Shortage: we do not have enough Doctors to service our patients.

We have recruited new Doctors to the Practice and aim to have 13 Full-time Doctors permanently.


Patient Queues: it takes a long time to be served by Reception Staff and to see your Doctor.

With more Doctors to service our patients needs our queues are shorter and phone calls are less time consuming for our staff.


Access to your Doctor: you are not able to access your Doctor in a timely manner.

With new Doctors at the
Practice, existing Doctor’s appointment bookings are now available sooner.

Doctor of Choice: you are not able to see your regular Doctor.

We are continually recruiting new Doctors to the Practice and aim to have appointments available each day.

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